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 Streaming Audio Enhancement  Welcome to Sound Genetics


Sound Genetics applies many principals of Genetic Engineering to the process of sound analysis and synthesis.  We have developed revolutionary software products targeting the general consumer, entertainment, Internet, telecommunications and DSP market sectors.  Our line of products are based on proprietary technologies  related to digital audio restoration, enhancement and compression. 

Our two flagship products are: 

SX Fidelity Amplifier which uses revolutionary technology to restore the fidelity of compressed audio by putting back the sound that was stripped out, thus providing the consumer with an enhanced listening experience, and...

SoundSlimmer which works with audio data utilizing only certain specifics of digital sound signals to squeeze the audio content without missing even one bit.

SX Fidelity Amplifier

Have you ever noticed that your streaming audio and even music from your personal collection is less than perfect? Are you looking for a method of making your favourite music sound better richer?

To hear the sound like it was meant to be heard, you need SX Fidelity Amplifier

What you will hear is a better sound from your speakers. WAY BETTER!
Once you try it, you wont want to listen to anything without it.

Download FREE TRIAL or Buy Your OWN COPY and enjoy


Is your Digital Music Collection getting bigger everyday?
Are you looking for ways to accelerate delivery of audio data?

SoundSlimmer is a software developed exactly for these particular needs!

Reducing the size of MP3 and MP3Pro files from 15% to 20%, SoundSlimmer breaks the axiom of the old compression theory, which stated that previously compressed audio files cannot be compressed further. 

Download FREE TRIAL or Buy Your OWN COPY and save

SX Fidelity Amplifier  Digital Music and CD Restoration
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